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In Spring 2020 I was chosen to participate in an exclusive training with an employee of CLO3D to learn how to use the CLO3D software. I used the software to create virtual garments, The Athena Suit, for my capstone project in the AAS Fashion Design program at FIT.

Since 2020 I have continued to use the software in order to learn its full capabilities. For my senior thesis I used CLO3D to develop all of my initial prototypes for both of my looks from which I then had the patterns printed as well. After doing fittings in physical muslin, I input the minimal alterations back into my CLO3D prototype and had a second pattern printed, which was a perfect fit. I then completed the full render for look 1, adding in all fabric textures, trims, and other materials.

Using CLO3D enabled me to quickly iterate many design ideas without wasting muslin, thus making it a more sustainable option. The program enabled me to check the fit of the garments, including while the avatar walked across the floor, showing the full range of motion for the garments. CLO3D enabled me to sustainably produce high quality, well-fitting garments in a way that allowed me to save time and be more creative. 

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