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Lingerie Collection

While being trapped in quarantine I found solace in relating to characters trapped in their own experiences. Nathan from Upload being trapped in a virtual world he didn't ask for, Nadia from Russian Doll waking up to the same monotonous dreaded birthday party after dying every day, Jeff being confined to spying on his neighbors in his wheelchair in his studio apartment, and Marty trapped in the Ozarks and faced with an impossible goal every day that he wakes up. All of these characters are searching for a way out and so am I. 

This collection highlights the plus-size woman's body seeking escape from the confines of societal expectations and body-distorting shapewear that has held women captive for hundreds of years. Women have been searching for freedom from people and clothing that tells them that their body has to be shaped a certain way. 

The cutouts in this collection are making space for her body inside of this shapewear instead of making her feel like her body does not deserve that space. The open designs and peekaboo details show her beautiful curves peeking through, seeking space and freedom outside of the traditional shapewear. 

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